Types and Uses of Overhead Cranes

Mechanical instruments are always many in numbers and each equipment is specially designed for an intentional purpose. Cranes are one of the most common mechanical instruments and it really features essential purposes in the field of mechanism. Cranes are available in various sizes, the small, medium and the large ones. Two popular types of mechanical cranes include the bridge crane and the gantry crane. Gantry crane can also be mentioned as overhead travelling bridge cranes. Mechanical cranes are generally manufactured with three main parts, the hoist, the sheaves and the wire.

Cranes can either be fixed at a standard position or it can be used as a mobile device. The usage of cranes absolutely depends on the purpose you choose it for. Similarly, it can either be driven manually or it can be supplied with power for more efficient tasks. Cranes are the most ideal equipment for moving heavy loads, and these are precisely used in warehouses, construction sites and large industrial factories. Cranes are also helpful in scrap yards, junk backyards and wherever bulk scraps are dumped and needs removal. Simply putting, wherever there is a need to pull heavy loads, cranes do the best service for you.

Cranes & Hoists Manufacturer is involved in manufacturing various types of cranes, including the bridge cranes, gantry cranes, wall cranes, monorail cranes and the jib cranes. Let us see each one of them in brief.


Bridge Cranes:

These are installed on durable metal beams, which run on the roof of the surrounding wherever it is fixed. This is more used in places such as warehouses and factories. The procedure is that it has two durable sturdy beams installed on both the sides, and in the middle of which travels the object with the specified load on top of it. This type functions with a pulley system, which hangs over a trolley and moves on the track. There can either be a single beam or a double beam system, and the beams are positioned horizontal to each other. The beams are always static, unless in some specific conditions that they are kept mobile.


Gantry Cranes:

Also referred as the Over head bridge cranes! The mechanism is so that it operates on a hoist that functions to lift the proposed object and positions it in a trolley. The hoist can travel on a horizontal direction. Under each beam, a minimum of two rails can be attached for facilitating the transporting of objects. This is a specialized crane used particularly to life heavy loads. Types of gantry cranes are single girder cranes and Double Girder Gantry Crane. Designed with two torsion-free box girders, the Double Girder Overhead Cranes are used in cases when you want to move heavy loads to a wider span of area. The Gantry cranes feature an ‘A’ shaped leg, the unique design of which makes it outstand from the other models of cranes. Generally, these are made of steel or aluminum material, which makes it easily lift heavy tons of loads.

Depending on your requirement, you can choose the specific type of crane and make effective use of it.